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Assignment 3: Field Research and The Research Question


My partners are Ben Johnson and Nathaniel Cook.

The three of us had very different ideas for our projects. I was interested in doing a project that was related to the healthcare in Amsterdam, Ben wanted to do a project about how bicycles impacted society, and Nathaniel wanted to explore the religious aspect in Amsterdam. We united our ideas with a common bridge that was public health. Ben will focus on how the popular bicycle transportation affects the public health while Nathaniel will look into how religion affects public health. I have narrowed my focus down to observing how the relative high tolerance of drugs affects public health or possibly the opportunities presented to the youth of Amsterdam and how their attitudes and decisions towards drugs, alcohol, or other activities affect the health of those individuals. This may also include the opportunities to participate in sports, going to school, or other programs which may have a positive affect on the youth. Measuring and assessing public health is going to be difficult and I am still brainstorming ideas on how this can be achieved.

Since our project is centered on health, we decided to visit the University of Washington medical center. Initially we weren’t sure at what we were suppose to look at or search for. I first noticed the directory on the wall and all the different places that we could go. I then considered how could exploring a hospital relate to our research topic. I want to focus on how drug tolerance and youth behavior towards that and other things like sports affect their health. I realized then that I need to be visiting the pediatric center or a clinic and possibly interview pediatricians and learn about their views on youth health. I should also be visiting individual families or go to parks and talk to teenagers and children to ask them about what they do in their free time and the opportunities they have to participate in activities. I can apply this to Amsterdam and have a better idea of what to search for.


Looking for a partner

I am interested in learning about health care in Amsterdam and how it is different than the United States and other parts of the world. It is a very broad topic and I am currently trying to narrow the focus down to something that is more feasible. If your project interest are somewhat similar to mine and are looking for a partner, let me know. I am open to all topics. My email is

Colin Ip