New Revised Research Question post-arrival

Our new research question presented this week on July twenty-second has already undergone multiple revisions. This question was: How does a bicycling population affect the developing infrastructure of Amsterdam specifically in the relationship between the inner and out city. We decided to drop the topic of public health because seeing the city first hand made us realize that our initial question was almost trivial. Instead we decided on a new topic about cycling and infrastructure. After receiving some feedback from other students and from our professors, we found that our question needed further revision. We needed to clear some assumptions that we made and make it more focused. Our new question is: What are the differences in the bicycling infrastructure between the inner and outer city?

Here are some pictures we took as initial efforts for our research:

Inner City Sidewalks

Farther out from the inner city

Ben has methods posted on his blog, for example, we can look at bicycling density, size of bicycling dedicated pavement, number of bicycle racks, etc. Nathaniel has a google map posted where we can categorize our data.


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