New Question and Possibly the Last Revision

The revision this time was relatively small and addressed the specificity and clarity of our previous question. Our new question is: What are the most important conditions that allow bicycling to be a viable form of transportation in Amsterdam? Although we decided not to included Seattle in the question, we still intend to compare Amsterdam and Seattle in our project. We also substituted the word successful with viable because we felt that viable is more specific and better addresses our topic. We also decided to use “most important” to give our question more focus and make the project more feasible.

In the next few days we have multiple interviews on schedule. These include visiting numerous bike shops including WorkCycles and Henry Cutler. We also plan to interview regular people who ride their bikes around Amsterdam and will try to include different age groups, gender, and other attributes. On Tuesday we have an interview with the Dutch Cyclist Union.

After meeting with Rob and Clifford today, we found a new direction for our project. Throughout our research so far, we’ve neglected the culture component of our project but our professors gave us many suggestions on how to research that aspect of our topic. They also recommended ways to organize our data and how to effectively present it in our wiki.

This next week will be very busy for us as we continue to gather more information and try to organize it in a creative and effective manner.


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